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    Dina Overland

    Pismo Beach, CA - USA

    5 /5 2 reviews Response time: 16 hours


    Intuitive Counseling, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Life Coach, Numerology, Spiritual Advisor, Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Life Coach, Tarot Card Reader & Spiritual Healer, tarot_reader


    I allow the cards to tell me a story that’s unique and specifically tailored to your own question and situation. My readings help uncover anything in or around you that needs love and healing.

    You will feel gently and kindly encouraged to take powerful steps toward manifesting your desires. And you will feel empowered, guided, and hopeful after the reading.

    *Please provide some background info about your question.
    **Legally, these readings are for entertainment purposes only.

    I can answer all kinds of questions related to any part of your life. My coaching helps you:
    • feel happy even if you don’t get what you want
    • have peace of mind no matter what has happened
    • feel less worried, anxious, and stressed
    • let go of resentment and bitterness
    • quiet your mind so you’re not constantly ruminating over a never-ending list of recurring thoughts and concerns
    • stop feeling guilty
    • deeply love and accept yourself exactly as you already are
    • feel lighter and more carefree
    • improve your relationships with your loved ones
    • feel optimistic and positive, able to see the bright side of all situations
    • know exactly what’s important to you
    • establish a strong, enjoyable self-care practice


    Dina Overland

    Dina Ask Dina anything

    Dina's virtual assistant can automatically reply to questions that were previously answered by Dina. When a question was not answered, Dina will reply and train the assistant for next time. Download Instantgo to get yours for free.