Get instant help from physicists

Find and connect seamlessly with people over the phone who can offer you the expertise you are looking for.

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And get paid for the phone calls you receive

Get rewarded for your time and expertise when you provide help to others.

Request help

Whatever it is you need, you will find a dedicated professional on Instantgo to help you.

Give help

You can also decide to provide help to others and get compensated for your time.

Give Help
Find people you know

Look for someone that you know and trust or look for an available professional on the platform to speak with them directly.
You will know at all times if they are available to speak with you.

And get access to the best

Because people can decide what they want to charge for their time, you will find top experts for your needs on Instantgo.

Use Cases

You can call anytime

Whenever and wherever you need help, you can connect with the right person during the day or in the middle of the night.

How it Works

Your time is useful

Be sure to get the right answers at the right time.
See reviews and expertise before choosing who you want to talk to.

Only pay for the time you need
Only pay for the time you need

Simply pay the person that is helping you for the time you are on the phone. Price will vary depending on the individual and the professional help you need.

And make the best of your time

Make the time you spend on the phone worthwhile. Make sure your time is accounted for and compensated. If someone wants to talk to you for your expertise, they can now compensate you for it.

The Value of Time
Privacy guaranteed

Choose if you want to remain anonymous when you initiate a call so you can talk freely about anything on your mind. We never share phone numbers between people to add a layer of security on both sides.

A global directory

You can now find and call people around the world by simply using their Instantgo username. You’ll get one for free as well!