Connect differently

Reach, share and experience what matters the most to you instantly.

Instantgo - iTunes iOS mobile app
Instantgo - Charge for time over texts
Instantgo - charge money for answers Instantgo - get paid to answer questions

Reach anyone with one touch

  • One-click & swipe communication
  • Smart recommendations when you need them
  • Expand your social reach and unlock possibilities
  • Get instant and relevant information
  • Make the best use of your time and have fun
  • Share your knowledge and expertise with others
  • Get insights and help from a like-minded community
  • Share positive vibes and build your karma
  • Showcase your products and services on the go
Instantgo - iTunes iOS mobile app

Swipe your way to relevance

Find and connect seamlessly with people around the world and make your voice more valuable and useful

Instantgo - get paid for your time and expertise

Elevate yourself

Participate in a positive community where you better moderate what is happening.

How It Works
Get instant help from Professionals - Instantgo
Charge money for your time - Instantgo
Offer your skills over the phone - Instantgo
Instantly send and share
Get paid over texts and chats - Instantgo

Welcome to a new world

Discover the Instantgo universe. See how we can change past paradigms and make our discussions more fulfilling together.

Ask anything instantly

A world of expertise - Instantgo
Find by interest

Whenever and wherever you need assistance, you can connect with the right person

A phonebook of experts - Instantgo
Look for people you love

Talk with your most important contacts easily

Access the best job professionals - Instantgo
Get better access

Get useful and relevant content tailored to your needs

Time and schedule availability - Instantgo
See when someone is available

Make sure it is the perfect time to contact and connect with someone

Share the best path forward

  • Share in real time what you need with others
  • Experience new possibilities individually or in groups
  • Get access to a smarter you at all time
Get the best potential recommended answers - Instantgo
Privacy and confidentiality - Instantgo

Set your privacy

Never share your phone number and speak freely about the topics and subjects of your choice or decide to explore it all privately.

time, questions, knowledge and money - Instantgo

Connect with those that make life better

Decide who can contact you at anytime

Manage your social reach

Create content or simply browse timely information

Rely on the community

Decide to rate conversations and review scores before connecting with other users

Give Help

Reinvent the way you share information

Exchange with other users wherever they are. You are just connecting differently with the world.

Use Cases
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