Monetize yourself

Get paid for your knowledge over calls and texts
Use artificial intelligence to automatically answer questions

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Instantgo - Charge for time over texts
Instantgo - charge money for answers Instantgo - get paid to answer questions

A communication app for the 21st century

  • Charge for your time and knowledge
  • Get instant information
  • Train an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant to answer for you
  • Communicate more productively
  • Monetize yourself

Get instant help from physicists

Find and connect seamlessly with people over the phone who can offer you the expertise you are looking for

Instantgo - get paid for your time and expertise

Share your expertise

Charge for your time over the phone, chats and for answering questions

How It Works
Get connected with experts - Instantgo Get instant help from Professionals - Instantgo
Charge money for your time - Instantgo
Set your own rate
Offer your skills over the phone - Instantgo
Offer your skills at anytime
Get paid over texts and chats - Instantgo
Charge your time with anyone

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Train an intelligent assistant to answer automatically for you

  • Answers for you when you are busy
  • Learns your personal responses
  • Set the confidence level for your answers
  • Fully customizable
Artificial intelligence bot - Instantgo

Ask anything instantly

A world of expertise - Instantgo
Find by expertise

Whenever and wherever you need help, you can connect with the right person

A phonebook of experts - Instantgo
Look for people you know

Look for someone you trust and speak with them directly

Access the best job professionals - Instantgo
Get access to the best

Find top experts for your needs on Instantgo

Time and schedule availability - Instantgo
See when someone is available

Know at all time if someone is available to speak with you at this time

Find the best potential answers

  • Check in real time who can provide you with a better answer
  • Instantly find who is knowledgeable about the topic
  • Get better and smarter information
Get the best potential recommended answers - Instantgo
Privacy and confidentiality - Instantgo

Set your privacy

Never share your phone number.

time, questions, knowledge and money - Instantgo

Connect for free or get paid for your time

Decide who can contact you for free at anytime

Manage your payments

All payments are managed by you, decided your rate and payment method.

Rely on the community

Decide to rate conversations and review scores before connecting with other users

Give Help

Global contact list

Exchange with other users wherever they are. You are just connecting differently with the world.

Uses Cases
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