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    Ascended Stars

    Lake Balboa, California - USA

    4.3 /5 8 reviews Response time: 1 days


    My name is Ally Jayde 🦋
    " A Spiritual Sensitive "
    20,000 subscribers on You Tube @Ascended Stars
    Tarot Card Reader - i utilize, Numerology
    Western & Chinese Astrology

    My gift offers clarity and insight when it comes to Romantic, matters of the heart
    And/or General life questions that are hindering you

    I can bring answers to your questions so that you feel positive again about your life direction for your soul and divine purpose ...When we have the ability to change perspective'll Know your growing

    Clearring Emotional, Spiritual or Psychological fuzziness with my intuitive gift and insights 🦅

    It would be my pleasure to use my gift to assist you with your question

    ⭐️Higher Source, 💫 Archangels, white ✨light Angelic beings are my guides and best source to be able to channel messages on your behalf

    For more info.
    WhatsApp: 818-916-3363
    Snapchat: Allyjayde999
    IG: @Ascendedstars




    Traditional Chinese Medicine
    3rd Year Graduate Student 👩‍🎓


    Ascended Stars

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