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Seriously useful artificial intelligence

A real and truly smart artificial intelligence for you.

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Instantgo - get paid to answer questions

A personal assistant that grows with you

Using the Instantgo app, you can now have access to a truly smart personal assistant that evolves with you intelligently. You start by customizing your assistant, giving it a name and what rules the bot needs to follow before acting for you. The idea of the system is having a personal assistant capable of answering messages and texts for you automatically and when it’s most convenient for you.

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Learning your answers seamlessly

The Instantgo personal assistant learns the answers you provide to questions asked by other people in your entourage and can then use them in the future automatically. You decide how confident the artificial intelligence (AI) system needs to be before answering for you and what is the length of time before acting. The more you use the system, the better your personal assistant bot can answer for you.

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Understand similar questions and answers

This means that the system can receive a question for which you never gave a specific answer before and still be confident enough to answer for you. Magical!

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Answering with media and other formats

Not only the artificial intelligence technology in Instantgo can answer questions for you via text, the AI bot can also deliver answers through photos, videos, PDF and other formats. Imagine being asked by someone for a recipe that you are known for and having your robot companion sending a video rather than a text to answer that demand. The more you feed your AI robot with information, the more accurate and diverse its answers will be.

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Truly yours

The personal assistant you get with Instantgo is truly yours. Instead of trying to provide general answers to common questions, your artificial intelligence assistant is all about you. Your AI valet learns information that you know and that few other people could provide. It’s specific enough that next time someone asks you where you were born, your artificial assistant robot will be able to answer it for you!

Get your time back!

In a world where we are constantly interrupted by notifications, phone calls and texts, Instantgo provides a smart solution to get back some time for ourselves. By using and activating your virtual personal assistant, you can get the peace of mind of knowing that someone can answer for you. You will soon find that you get to spend time on different activities and enjoy the present moment without interruptions.

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