Bridget Phillips

Havertown, PA - USA

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chronic diseases, diabetes, healthy living, heart disease, integrative health, mindfulness, smoking cessation, stress reduction, weight loss, yoga


Master of Public Health, Community Health Education Specialist, Certified Integrative Health Coach


BP Integrative Health Coaching


I help clients develop and realize their optimal health visions through inquiry, personal discovery, and accountability. As an expert in behavior change, I'm like a personal trainer for your whole self- body, mind, and spirit.

I provide a warm, welcoming environment where clients feel safe to explore what role maladaptive health behaviors play in their lives and what obstacles are in the way of change. This is a judgment-free zone. My dual background in public health and integrative health allows me to both provide education about the diseases or conditions clients are experiencing and also facilitate the behavior change process. In addition, I have a diverse network of traditional and holistic practitioners that I can refer clients to as appropriate to further support the behavior change process.

The integrative medicine model seeks to care for the whole person by taking into account the many interrelated factors that affect health, wellness, and disease, including the physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental, and spiritual dimensions of people's lives. Integrative medicine is based upon a model of health and wellness, with prevention and intervention as the goal.

I love teaching and practicing yoga, cooking, being active, my husband, and our dog!

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