Brand Guidelines

The Instantgo brand

We love our brand and we like to see our logo and icons on personal website, blog, business cards and other places. In order to better understand the Instantgo brand and make its assets easily available, we've created these brand guidelines.
If there is a case not covered by these guidelines or if you have any questions regarding the use of our intellectual property, please contact us here and include some visual mockups of your intended use.


The Instantgo marks includes the Instantgo logo and icon.

The Instantgo logo has two different variants: the blue gradent colored one, and the monochrome logo.

The Instantgo icon has three different variants. The first is to be used on a white background. The second is to be used when placed over a colored background. The third one is plain, non-colored monochrome version of our icon.

Instantgo also uses an icon before the username of its users. Once, we are dividing here the Go icon in three variants.

When using the Instantgo icon with other graphic elements or logos, please respect a safety space that equals the the size of the "a" from the logo.


The colored version of the Instantgo icon is to be used only on a white background.
If you are using the logo on any other background color, please use either the white background gradient blue logo or the monochrome logo.

Please don’t use any logos or similar imagery to represent Instantgo if those assets are not found in our brand guidelines.

Please, do not rotate or change logo or icon colors.
Over colored backgrounds, please use the white capsule & blue gradient icon or the monochrome one.