A more powerful texting platform

Charge for your chats, train a personal assistant and so much more


Charge for your texts

Text messaging on Instantgo is different. You can decide how much you want to charge for your texts and chats when providing a service to someone.

You can also use the chats to follow-up on questions you might have received from users on the app.

You can use the payment function to continue discussions with your clients and offer smaller consultations on a need to know basis.

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Learning your answers with artificial intelligence

Every time you chat and send a message, you can decide to save a piece of information to your virtual personal assistant bot so it can use it in the future.

You can train your bot by associating questions and answers.

The system can answer your texts and instant messages for you whenever you want over time. With Instantgo, you don’t need to be constantly in front of your screen to answer your messages!

Artificial Intelligence
Decide who can text you for free

Because people have a diverse set of relationships, the Instantgo messaging app lets you decide who can contact you for free and who should be paying to get answers through text.

You can easily change the list of contacts who reach you for free and limit the time you spend answering questions without being compensated.

You can use the app for your personal needs and at the same time make sure it becomes a powerful professional tool.

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Limitless possibilities

The number of activities and actions we can do over text messaging is limitless. Instantgo builds tools to make people more productive, increase their revenue, access specific knowledge, contact different people and more.

Instantgo offers the traditional features that are found in any messaging app and adds its artificial intelligence layer, its knowledge component, a financial factor and more to create a unique communication tool.

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