A chat and texting platform like no others

Drag & drop messages, get smart recommendation cards, schedule texts and personal assistant.

Instantgo - iTunes iOS mobile app

A better experience

Text messaging on Instantgo is different. The more you chat, the smarter the platform becomes. Create your own recommendations and send chats automatically at the perfect time.

Chats are fully integrated with your smart assistant so it can answer automatically for you with your own personal answers. You decide who should receive a specific answer and when.

You can use the swipe function to send messages with just one touch to your most frequent contacts. You even get recommendations throughout the day on texts you might want to send instantly.

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Learning your answers with artificial intelligence

Your artificial intelligence assistant is more powerful than just sending specific messages for you. It can also send attachments such as pictures or videos bringing your automatic answers to the next level.

You can train your bot at anytime with a single step.

From any conversations, you can add an answer that will be saved for the future by your assistant bot. You can do that seamlessly so it doesn't interrupt the flow of your discussions!

Artificial Intelligence
Community groups for real engagement

You also have the ability to create your own community group where people that follow you can interact in a single destination.

You can easily decide to notify all active users in your group and send specific notifications when what you have to share is relevant enough for everyone to be informed.

You can aslo use the Instantgo app to participate in other public conversations based on your interests and ensure your voice is heard.

Instantgo - iTunes iOS mobile app
Limitless possibilities

The number of activities and actions we can do over text messaging is limitless. Instantgo builds tools to make those conversations so much more effective and fun. By integrating different tools and options, we can create a new paradigm on what it means to chat, text or message someone.

With the additional artificial intelligence, smart calendar, unique search and share content capabilities, Instantgo becomes your hub for all your set of communications whether those are with friends or with other professionals.

The deep combination of chats and voice functions on Instantgo can also change the way you call and talk people over the phone.

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