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Dating Coach

Susan Mccord

Vancouver , bc - Canada

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Susan McCord also known as Dear Sybersue around the web is a dating/relationship/lifestyle talk show host, certified coach, blogger & advice columnist.

She is a mature woman with young sassy attitude who has been there done that and has so many t-shirts she could open a store!

Apart from writing for her Dear Sybersue Advice Column. She is also an expert writer for, niume, swexperts and various online magazines! She was recently named as VIP member of Worldwide Branding.

Sybersue has a stellar reputation as a sought after dating & relationship expert by men and women of ALL ages and has over 19,000 followers on her blog at, over 1.6 Million views on her channel and close to 14,000 followers on

Her no BS advice really makes you think and helps you with implementing small changes in your life to attract and maintain a healthy relationship. ❤️

Contact Sybersue here anytime for questions you have relating to dating, rekindling a relationship, getting over an ex ,dealing with a divorce, how to handle being a single parent or improving your confidence & self esteem.

Dear Sybersue deals with many topics for both men & women all around the world. She will answer you honestly and get back to you with an answer within 24 hours! 💋


Published author
Certified relationship coach
BCIT Broadcasting Credits


The Dear Sybersue Advice Talk Show

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