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Software Developer

Carlos Rodriguez

Fuente el Saz de Jarama, Comunidad de Madrid - Spain

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Keeping Your Mind Sharp with CogniFit

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What’s the CogniFit Brain Fitness Program?

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Business Planning, Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Market Research, Marketing, Product Innovation, Project Management, Startups, Team Management, Venture Capital


Carlos Rodriguez is the founder and CTO of Instantgo. He is also the founder of Madrid ventures as well as a board director at CogniFit.

Carlos began his career at the Peugeot Group in the process optimization area, before moving to the New Technologies department of Uralita, as Internet project manager. Carlos has also worked for Procter & Gamble in Geneva and Madrid in the marketing intelligence department. He was in charge of forecasting the new product launches sales potential while implementing the validation systems for the in-market evolution of major consumer brands. In addition Carlos was responsible for implementing online systems to manage the internal cross-functional innovation process of new products.

Carlos Rodriguez is a founding partner of the venture capital fund Milk Capital in Paris, where he was responsible for evaluating technology based investments and Internet companies. At CogniFit, Carlos manages the overall development, design, support, and science teams, as well as the business expansion in Spanish speaking countries. Mr. Rodriguez earned an Industrial Engineering Master Degree from the Polytechnic University Carlos III of Madrid, and the Grande Ecole INSA of Lyon, France.


Spanish, French and English


INSA Lyon, Universidad Politécnica Carlos III

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