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Instantgo - iTunes iOS mobile app

Searching for the right experts

Using the Instantgo app, you can search in many different jobs and professional categories to find the expert you need

The discover section of the mobile application lets you see the full profile of each experts including their bio, education and expertise. You can also decide to search by speciality and knowledge base. If you already know the person you want to contact, you can simply search for their name and get connected.


Get recommendations based on expertise

You can use Instantgo to get specific and automatic expert recommendations based on your needs. Instead of trying to find the best professional or consultant by yourself, you can ask a question to the system and get a number of expert recommendations based on their ability to answer a specific topic.

The system can then help you get in touch with them instantly so you can use the expert power of someone who knows.


Expert tools to help others

Our communication app lets people find the right help at the right time. To ensure that the professionals who are providing help on the platform do that correctly and positively, we have created a system of ratings and ranking based on the quality of service that is provided to others over time. We want to make sure that the expertise level is sufficient enough before someone offers their time on our social network for experts.

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A communication platform for experts

As the world economy rapidly transitioned towards a knowledge economy, our communication platform as a service lets people find their expert needs in a simple and unencumbered manner. Our experts network offers the possibility to people who share similar interests to connect with each other and get a more comprehensive information on specific topics. The communication platform is built to let people easily find and talk together.

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Connecting experts through voice and text

Users of the mobile app can use voice calls, messaging and chats to connect with others. This means that you can decide to call an expert when you need something or to simply send them a text with a question if this is more practical.

You can also decide to send a picture, video or other media to your professional counterpart if the expert help you need is better presented in that specific format.

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