Find new ways to communicate

A better way to connect

A new messaging paradigm, relevant notifications, personal smart assistant and much more

Instantgo - iTunes iOS mobile app

Do more with your phone

Reinvent the way you send a message to someone, answer people automatically, schedule your availabilities with a touch of a button and find relevant content to share at anytime

Save time and create wonders

Leverage unique technologies to reach the ones you love faster and be part of a community which allows you to easily showcase the best of you and of what you have to offer to the world

get the best answers to your questions - Instantgo
AI personal assistant robot virtual - Instantgo

A smart assistant in your pocket

Get your smart and fully customizable assistant to answer for you whenever you want. You teach the answers.

Professional personal assistant time - Instantgo
We are what we know
Get rewarded for your expertise

People connect with us all the time for our knowledge and our time. With Instantgo, you have the perfect tools to make these conversations more effective and worthwhile.

Easily manage payments

No more having to ask someone to pay for your time in the middle of a conversation. Simply give them your Instantgo username and list on your profile what you want to charge for specific products, services or simply for your time.

Find people when you need them

Instantgo offers you the option to connect with other users or to look for someone that you already know to get the help you want.

Experts available instantly - Instantgo
Know at all times if someone is available for you

You can check at anytime if someone is available through clear indicators that provide the status of everyone. You can even know their future availabilities.

expert reviews and knowledge - Instantgo
Submit and get reviews

By providing the right kind of service at the right time, you will get great reviews which will increase the number of people who want to connect with you. You can provide the assurances that the services you offer is simply great.

call privately and confidentially - Instantgo
don’t share personal information phone call and texts - Instantgo
Don't share your personal phone number

The days of needing to provide people with your personal phone number are over. As much as one may want to share their personal phone numbers with family members and friends, they certainly don't want to do so with strangers. Simply provide your Instantgo info and then your contacts can reach you through the platform without having to ever know your personal number. Perfect for anyone for whom privacy matters.

Connecting with others privately - Instantgo
Decide when and how you want to connect with others

Leverage a set of unique options to decide who can contact you and when. From now on, you can make sure only relevant communications are heading your way only at the most convenient times for you!

Confidential personal assistant AI - Instantgo
Connect from anywhere at anytime

You don't need to be at a specific location anymore to to access advanced tools. You can empower your smartphone to just do more, everyday, for you.

Make the best of your day

There are times during our days when we are more available than others. With Instantgo, you will have access to the latest technologies, a leading network of people, and useful content to make your life more productive and your day better.

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