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Find people when you need them

Instantgo offers you the option to speak with a professional in any category or to look for someone that you already know whenever needed.

Available or not

Know at all times if someone is available for you

You can check at anytime if someone is available or not to speak with you with clear indicators that provide the status of everyone.

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Get rewarded for your expertise

People call us all all the time for our knowledge. Lawyers get paid for their time from the first moment so why wouldn't we get paid as well for ours?

Connect now
Get the answers you need immediately

Instantgo allows you to get the answer you are looking for in an instant. Maybe you need to talk about something on your mind or you are looking for expert advice on how to do something. We facilitate these immediate connections in your daily life.

Don't manage payments

No more having to ask someone to pay for your time. Simply give them your Instantgo username and from now on they can call you and compensate you for your time. We manage all payments so you don't need to think about it.

Rate the service
Submit and get reviews

By providing the right kind of service at the right time, you will get great reviews which will increase the number of people who want to talk to you. For users, this provides the assurance that the service they will receive is great.

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Give help or receive help at the touch of a button

Sometimes we can help someone and sometimes we need help. By simply switching the mode between the two, Instantgo lets you choose in an instant which one you want to be throughout your day.

How it Works

Make the best of your day

There are times during our days when we are more available than others. With Instantgo, you can decide to enjoy those hours of down time to provide some services and earn extra money.

Incoming call
Don't share your personal phone number

The days of needing to provide people with your personal phone number are over. As much as one may want to share their personal phone numbers with family members and friends, they certainly don’t want to do so with strangers. Simply provide your Instantgo info and then your contacts can reach you through the platform without having to ever know your personal number.

Discuss privately
Discuss important matters privately

Some discussions are better when private. Instantgo offers you the ability to hide your name so you can speak freely about anything you have on your mind with an expert.


Decide when and how you want to provide help

Create your profile and easily add all your areas of expertise. Feel free to decide what kind of help you can provide and when you want to provide it.

Give help
Call from anywhere at anytime

Because Instantgo is mobile, you can get or provide help anywhere you are and at anytime.
You don't need to be at a specific location anymore to offer guidance and expertise if you can do it over the phone.

Use Cases