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Everyone is an expert at something

With Instantgo, you can easily create a profile where you can list your expertise, titles and credentials. By simply creating a profile on your phone and providing your banking information, you can start getting paid for your time and knowledge. You can also list your products and services and instantly answer any questions others may have for you.

How it works
Give help over the phone - Instantgo

A new way to reach you

By providing your Instantgo information to people you meet, they can easily know if you are available and how to reach you. Your time is precious and you are free to decide how much you want to charge for your time within the app. Because we are adding a financial component to communications, we ensure that people who contact you, will do so for a good reason. On the other side, by being compensated, you are making the best use of your time while helping others at the most convenient time for you and with the right tools at your disposal.

The value of time
Increase revenues with knowledge - Instantgo

Increase your revenues

During our daily life, we often have down time. Maybe because we are waiting for our next client to arrive, we are on the road or simply taking a break from our job, we often find moments where we are relatively free or simply bored. This is a great time to add additional revenues to your income by simply switching your availability on the Instantgo app and providing help to people through chats, voice calls or video calls.

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Get found

Based on your expertise and choice of category, Instantgo will help refer users to you when they are looking for people with your skills set.
You decide when and if you want to be found through the categories or only by your username. Get discovered for your talent and reach out to a larger audience more rapidly. The list of opportunities is endless.


Decide if you want to help

Before being connected to a specific user, you will have a chance to review their profile and rating. You decide at anytime if you want to get connected or not.

Use Cases
Provide help and get paid money - Instantgo