A better way to communicate

Bring intelligence and technology to your communications with a set of unique tools under just one roof

Get paid for the help you give - Instantgo
  • Get recommended answers to your questions - Instantgo
  • Find the best knowledge professionals - Instantgo
  • Get instant expert help - Instantgo

Chat faster

  • Use drag & drop technology, recommended messages, and automate notifications to make your everyday chat more powerful
  • Leverage your own personal assistant to answer questions and messages for you with personalized answers for each person
  • Connect with a broad community of people which knowledge and expertise can help you find the answers you need faster
  • Explore the deep integration between text, voice, video call and schedule to take your activities to the next level
Artificial intelligence - Instantgo

A real personal and smart assistant

Personal assistant - Instantgo
Get your own personal assistant and train it to answer for you
Virtual assistant - Intantgo
Teach it your answers and decide when and how to reply
AI bot - Instantgo
Choose when you want to use it at a touch of a button
Artificial Intelligence companion - Instantgo
People know they are talking with your automated assistant
AI Robot - Instantgo
Customize it to make it truly yours
help and money - Instantgo
Decide to participate and get rewarded

Bring back the fun to your daily interactions and get valuable rewards and visibility

Expert profiles - Instantgo

Send chat on your mobile faster with a drag & drop experience and smart frequent contacts recommendations

Get paid for your knowledge - Instantgo

Decide to offer your products and services to others and get paid for it

Mobile payments - Instantgo

Create a better work life balance by using your artificial intelligence assistant directly within the chats

Knowledge payments - Instantgo

Get more visibility, earn valuable points and increase your reach on a global level

Find the people you need instantly

Find and connect with the right person, experts or advisors to get the personal help you need on any topic

Easily find people with their username to connect with them instantly and keep your contact information private

Review the profile of someone, check ratings and see their availabilities before trying to reach out

Use Instantgo with your friends and family or decide to use it within your work flow for better interactions

Uses Cases
Professional profile mobile app - Instantgo
Global phone book - Instantgo
Connect with people on a global basis

Decide which users should be allowed to call you, when you want to be reachable and for which reasons

Decide to request payments instantly on the Instantgo app when you sell a product or service

Privacy and communication - Instantgo
A better sense of privacy

You no longer need to share your phone number with others. People can find you easily on Instantgo and discuss with you today in all confidence.