Get paid for the help you give.Pay for the help you need.

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Receiving help

Instantgo is a mobile app that lets you find professionals in any category with whom you can connect immediately.

Giving help

By using Instantgo, you can also decide to provide help to others and get compensated for it.

Simply search for a category and we will connect you with the right person.

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You simply need to add your profile, expertise and the rate for your time to get started.

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You can also find people you know in the directory or with their username to get an immediate answer.

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Increase your visibility. By having good ratings and being responsive, you have a better chance to be found on the app.

We don’t share yo ur phone number

Professionals will only see a temporary phone number from Instantgo and won’t be able to call you back. You decide at anytime if you want to show your name so you can feel free to have any kind of anonymous discussions with a professional.

Decided show or not your identity

Users who want to reach you will go through assigned numbers for the duration of the call so they can’t call you later or again directly. This is the best way to share your contact information from now on!

Safety app
You pay professionals
by the minute

Each professional sets their own price depending on their expertise and you can rate your discussion once it’s completed.

Balance: time and money
People pay based on the time they spend on the phone with you.

We manage your payments for your convenience.

Pay by minute
Check when people are available

Easily see if someone is available at the time you need them.

Connect or not connect
Decide when you are free
to provide your services

Simply toggle a button when you are available and start receiving phone calls. You can do this anytime and from anywhere.

Are you available?
You d ecide

If you want to make the call

Before initiating a call, you will have a chance to review the bio of the person, the price per minute and rating.

If you want to take the call

Before beginning a conversation, you will have a chance to get more information about the other party and decide if you want to help.

Add people to your contacts

If you speak to someone often, you can simply add them to your contacts so you can easily find them later.

Add people to your contacts

Make time more productive

When people want to reach you and get professional help, it makes sense for you to get compensated for it.

Make time more productive