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With Instantgo, you can immediately increase your knowledge base by connecting rapidly with other experts in different categories and industries.

Every time you have a specific question for your situation, you can write the question and get recommendations on who could provide you with the best answers. You can also search in the different categories and decide who could be the best contact to speak with you at that time.

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Expand your knowledge base

Reaching out to different people can also help to get other points of views and alternative thinking. By looking to connect with different people, you access a different knowledge base. You often get different answers that can help you see what you knew differently. This is the beauty of sharing your expertise with others.

Getting access to great people to exchange information with will broaden your knowledge base.

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The knowledge economy

In a knowledge economy, the value of assets is immaterial. You spend time working on yourself and learning what you need to be proficient in your profession.

Knowing when and how to access the information you need can offer you an advantage when it counts. Instantgo creates a platform where the knowledge economy can freely operate by letting anyone decide to share their knowledge at the right price.

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Setting the right price for knowledge

Every one of us has a different opinion on the value of their knowledge. Some of us have deep expertise in a particular field while others have a broader education. Whatever you are and whatever your work is, you have developed a certain level of knowledge through the years.

Instantgo lets you decide how much you think it is worth. You decide how much you want to charge for your time and for answering questions.