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    Nathanael Eisenberg

    Los Angeles, CA - USA

    5.0 /5 235 reviews Response time: 1 days

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    Advisory, Angel Investing, Branding, Consumer Research, Digital Marketing, Fundraising, Management, Marketing, Mobile Apps, Startup, Strategy, Technology, Venture Capital


    Nathanael is the co-founder & CEO of Instantgo. He is also the chairman of CogniFit & President at Bayrock.

    Nathanael started his career in banking at Schroders in Geneva before working as a financial analyst in the Trading Room of the Union Bancaire Privé. Nathanael then moved out of the banking industry and worked for the IT Consulting firm Cap Gemini in their Telecommunication group in London. He then transferred to Paris to assist in the management of a Publishing Group before being recruited in the European headquarters of Procter and Gamble in Geneva where he held marketing positions managing a portfolio of brands. Nathanael then went with P&G to Madrid to oversee the launch of a key Home Care initiative in the Iberian market.

    After this commercial and marketing experience, Nathanael went to Paris and founded with a group of partners Milk Capital, a Venture Capital fund specializing in micro to mid-sized investments in sectors ranging from telecommunication to internet and technology mostly in Europe. Nathanael then served as CEO of CogniFit in New York City before being elected Chairman of the company. Nathanael Eisenberg is graduated from HEC Lausanne with a Master in Management and resides in Los Angeles.


    English, French and Spanish


    Master in business - HEC Lausanne



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