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Tarot Reader

Nina Fox

Melbourne, Florida - USA

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Astrological Tarot Reading

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Since I was a child, I have noticed there are patterns, themes, and stories that surround and dance within us. I found that the tarot’s symbolic archetypes resonated with those patterns and stories. The tarot became a bridge for me to access my intuition and could then be used as a tool to help people navigate their lives with more ease.

Also, I have affinity with animals, and have worked with a wide variety of them throughout my life. I found that with the cards that I could intuit many of the animals feelings, wants and needs. And can at times see and speak with their spirits.

I am quick on my response to messages and chats. For phone readings I’m on EST by appointment only. I do make exceptions when I have openings in my reading schedule. So feel free to visit my site to schedule an appointment or you can try here and I’ll try to get back to as soon as I can. Light and Love.


BS in Zoology


the fox and the tarot

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