Add your personal assistant bot to your website

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Responds automatically for you

Whenever someone asks a question, your virtual personal assistant can answer for you.

Learns your answers

If it’s the first time you answer a question, you will train your assistant for next time you reply.

Sends pictures, videos and documents

Your virtual assistant can send pictures, videos or documents for you! You decide who receives what at anytime.

Fully customizable

Change your virtual assistant name, decide when to answer and much more. To get yours, you simply need to download and sign up for Instantgo.

Get your personal assistant widget now

Add your username below and customize the type of widget you want.

Ask First Name anything

First Name's virtual assistant can automatically reply to questions that were previously answered by First Name. When a question was not answered, First Name will reply and train the assistant for next time. Download Instantgo to get yours for free.