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Only pay for the time you spend

With Instantgo, you only pay the person who provides you with help for the time you spend on the phone. You will find the price per minute that this person charges on their personal profile so you can decide if you want to proceed.


Set the value of your time

When you get started with Instantgo and decide to provide help to others, you simply indicate within the app the price you want to charge per minute of conversation.

The rate you decide to charge for your time is simply presented to users before they decide to connect with you.

Price on the phone
You don’t pay for outgoing communication

Instantgo connects you with the different users who want to talk with you through VoIP (voice over Internet) so no one waste their precious plan minutes on these calls.


Instantgo only charges 15% for its services

Instantgo doesn’t charge any subscription or fees before hand. We just take a 15% commission on the revenues generated on the platform. This commission takes place only when you start making money. So if for example, a phone call generates $60 in total, you will earn $51 in your Instantgo account.