A new sense of privacy

Instantgo help you be more secure in your communications

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Smart calling

We are all aware of the importance of privacy in our lives. By connecting with people and sharing information such as your phone number, you expose yourself to a number of risks that should be avoided.

Instantgo connects users in a completely private way. The first major difference is that we never share the phone numbers of our users when they make a call. We use a technology that masks the real phone numbers so you know that you can speak freely without the fear of having someone unwanted calling you back. The same goes for the professional who gives their time when available and don’t want to be bothered in the middle of the night with specific demands.

When you use Instantgo, the system takes care of the phone call for you without needing a personal phone number.

Discuss anything with confidence

The second major difference in privacy is the ability to hide your name when initiating a call. This is an important difference because as a user, you can feel free to discuss any topic with a professional without fearing that someone could collect the wrong information about you. You decide if you want your personal and identifiable information to appear or not. This makes a world of difference when you want to discuss very personal matters or for certain types of questions.

You will always have the option to switch off the privacy feature in the app and have a regular phone call as well.