Ask questions differently

Get smarter answers

Instantgo - iTunes iOS mobile app

Sending questions more rapidly

Every time you ask a question on Instantgo, the system learns your questions. The next time you write something similar, you can do so more rapidly.

The system learns the more frequent questions so it can help you autocomplete the questions you write.

The mobile app offers you an instant and intelligent way to select the person(s) you want to send your questions to.

AI personal assistant robot virtual - Instantgo

Getting paid for your answers

You can instantly charge money for your answers every time you receive a premium question and answer it.

You can decide to provide your answers for free to your friends and family.

Instantgo - iTunes iOS mobile app
Professional personal assistant time - Instantgo
Saving your answers for future use

We often get asked the same question many times over and over again. Sometimes we even get asked about the same subject several times in a single day.

With Instantgo, every time you answer a question you can save it with your virtual personal assistant for future use.

The mobile platform uses artificial intelligence to know when to answer similar questions for you whenever you want and within parameters that you define.

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Getting expert recommendations

Every time you have a specific question but don’t know who could be the best person to answer you, you can use Instantgo to see who could be the best expert to provide you with what you need.

The Instantgo communication platform uses intelligent algorithms to find the individuals that are more likely to give you a satisfying answer.

The system can help define the field of expertise and the range of knowledge of different users.

Professional personal assistant time - Instantgo Professional personal assistant time - Instantgo
Easily track who needs to answer you

Another challenge we constantly face is to track all the people who still owe us answers to the questions we asked. We spend a lot of time every day chasing people that did not respond to our demands. It is sometimes hard to keep track of who needs to provide you with what. On Instantgo, this becomes much simpler.

Using the questions and answers feature of the app, you can easily track who answered you and who still needs to provide you with the information you are looking for.