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    Rose Hart

    none, AL - USA

    4.9 /5 279 reviews Response time: 2 hours


    Business Coach, Film And Television, Health And Wellness Coach, Life Coach, Medium, Relationship Coach, Spiritual, Spiritual Mentorship, Writer


    Rose was born with a gift of a medium and the ability to see a wide range of situations in ones life. Rose is one of the best in her field, with the ability to see everything from health to loved ones on the other side. Her detailed vision regarding all aspects of ones life is a gift given to her at birth. She is extremely proud to serve. Rose's gift is vision yet her passion is writing and story telling. She has completed several scripts and Has also created a start up company an online platform for film,television and theatre.She has been reading for over 25 years

    In my profession as a psychologist I interact with both law enforcement and fire officials. In this capacity I have had contact with Rose for the last 10 years. She has provided information that has proven direction to both the fire and police department in their investigations , specifically regarding the description of arsonists and terrorists. In addition to the information she has provided to me, I have several patients who also see her and report on the astonishing level of her accuracy in predictions and insight.
    — Robin Klein






    Rose Ask Rose anything

    Rose's virtual assistant can automatically reply to questions that were previously answered by Rose. When a question was not answered, Rose will reply and train the assistant for next time. Download Instantgo to get yours for free.