Schedule, because your time is essential

Manage your time with your clients and set the most convenient times to communicate with you automatically. Get invite requests and automatic reminders.

Instantgo - iTunes iOS mobile app
Set your availability, switch button

Set your availability

Easily set when you are available to communicate with others. Simply choose the days and the hours you are free.

All your choices are automatically reflected in your schedule. Other users can now know instantly when you are available for them.

Let people know when you will be back, Calendar

Let people know when you will be back

Taking a break or leaving for holidays? Simply switch your availability off and let others when you will get back. The system will automatically resume your availability at the time and date you have selected.

Let others schedule specific times in your calendar, over the Instantgo screen of schedule, and calendar
Let others schedule specific times in your calendar

Sometimes people prefer to schedule a conversation rather than having it immediately. Both options are available on Instantgo.

Using the schedule functionality, you can easily let others schedule a specific slot of time with you. You will know in advance when your next conversation is. This is ideal for anyone who wants to let their friends and loved ones know when they could be available or better manage their time as a professional to provide their services and so much more.