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🌹Greetings Goddesses And Gods, Welcome To Sekhmet’s Sanctuary! 🌹

📲Live Call ⏰Hours Of Operation: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday! 5pm-8pm(PST)

✨ I AM Sequoia Raye "The Radiant", African Shaman Prêtresse, Licensed Metaphysical Practitioner and Minister, Whom Empowers The Soul, Encourages The Heart, And Enlightens The Mind With Sacred Knowledge To Know Thyself, And Awaken The Omnipotent Energy Which Flows Within You!

🔮I Offer Transformative Tarot Readings To Receive Heart And Mind Clarity Regarding Love, Family, Career, And Spiritual Questions! Thy Medium, The Mary EL Tarot Assists Thee To Connect With Your Divine Presence, Innerstanding Your Soul Purpose, How The Past, And Present Reality Affects Your Creativity Or Manifestations!

🌹 I Have Successfully Assisted And Advised Thy Brethren, In Traditional And Mystical Spirituality For Over 15 Years. I AM Educated In Spiritual Psychology, Metaphysics, Rootwork, Human Sexuality, Faery And Ceremonial Magic. Thy Alma Mater is the International Metaphysical Ministry, University Of Sedona.Mystically I AM Skilled In Tarot, Runes, Numerology, Angelic, Animal, And E.T. Mediumship.🌹

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🔞 Legal Disclaimer: You must be at least 18 years old to purchase this service. This service is being offered exclusively for entertainment purposes.

🔮Psychic Predictions: Sequoia Brown, does not specialize in Predictions.

Blessed Be, Namaste
✨Sequoia Raye "The Radiant"




International Metaphysical Ministry University Of Sedona


Sekhmet’s Sanctuary

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