That's now the way to offer services

Offer your services and provide your time in chunks and packages whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, creator, artist or any other professional.

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Convert your time in money

Easily create services and help others with your expertise

Offer your time as a package and reward your clients loyalty with an ongoing relationship. Services are great for showcasing what you can do for others and help them on the go.

You can decide to offer any type of services that you want and even list your products or projects for the community to see.

Because we understand that sometimes people need more than just one interaction.

Instantgo - iTunes iOS mobile app
Different services that you can offerd

Offer different services to cater to several needs

As a professional, you will decide the price you want to offer your services at as well as the nature of those services and how you will deliver them. You can provide your services over the phone, chats and video calls and also decide to use the unique communications features within Instantgo to create an easier way to reach out and be contacted.

Create compelling services and offer the ones that responds to your client needs. You can create different services and describe exhaustively what you are providing with detailed pictures and relevant information.

Help people offering services
Help people with a full service
Introducing Instantgo
Display what you offer on your profile

Whenever you create a product or a service, you will have the chance to add to your profile and even get a shop section for easier navigation. People can easily browse everything you have to offer, see ratings and get a chance to connect with you before taking their purchase decisions. We are empowering the way you showcase what you want to sell while giving the right set of tools to customers to make the best out of what you are proposing.

Show on your profile your services