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Instantgo is changing the way that people connect, talk and text with each other through unique technologies. As a team, we realize how precious our interactions should be.

We are creating the tools that enable people to better reach, contact, share and touch others. Instantgo creates a new sphere of opportunities for anyone to take their daily messaging needs to the next level.


Nathanael Eisenberg

Nathanael Eisenberg

Founder & CEO

Nathanael Eisenberg is the founder and CEO of Instantgo. He is also the founder and current president of Bayrock and the current chairman of CogniFit.

Nathanael started his career in banking at Schroders in Geneva before working as a financial analyst in the Trading Room of the Union Bancaire Privé. Nathanael then moved out of the banking industry and worked for the IT Consulting firm Cap Gemini in their Telecommunication group in London. He then transferred to Paris to assist in the management of a Publishing Group before being recruited in the European headquarters of Procter and Gamble in Geneva where he held marketing positions managing a portfolio of brands. Nathanael then went with P&G to Madrid to oversee the launch of a key Home Care initiative in the Iberian market.

After this commercial and marketing experience, Nathanael went to Paris and founded with a group of partners Milk Capital, a Venture Capital fund specializing in micro to mid-sized investments in sectors ranging from telecommunication to  internet and technology mostly in Europe. Nathanael then served as CEO of CogniFit in New York City  before being  elected Chairman of the company. Nathanael Eisenberg is graduated from HEC Lausanne with a Master in  Management and resides in Los Angeles.

Carlos Rodriguez

Carlos Rodriguez

Founder & CTO

Carlos Rodriguez is the founder and CTO of Instantgo. He is also the founder of Madrid ventures as well as a director at CogniFit.

Carlos began his career at the Peugeot Group in the process optimization area, before moving to the New Technologies department of Uralita, as Internet project manager. Carlos has also worked for Procter & Gamble in Geneva and Madrid in the marketing intelligence department. He was in charge of forecasting the new product launches sales potential while implementing the validation systems for the in-market evolution of major consumer brands. In addition Carlos was responsible for implementing online systems to manage the internal cross-functional innovation process of new products.

Carlos Rodriguez is a founding partner of the venture capital fund Milk Capital in Paris, where he was responsible for evaluating technology based investments and Internet companies. At CogniFit, Carlos manages the overall development, design, support, and science teams, as well as the business expansion in Spanish speaking countries. Mr. Rodriguez earned an Industrial Engineering Master Degree from the Polytechnic University Carlos III of Madrid, and the Grande Ecole INSA of Lyon, France.

Angel Centeno

Ángel Centeno

Lead iOS Developer

Ángel Centeno is the lead iOS Developer at Instantgo. Ángel started his professional career in 2006 developing web environments in Lextrend for Mapfre, a major insurance company in Spain. Following this experience, Ángel went to work for Acilia where he worked on webs and mobile projects for clients such as Fox International Channel and National Geographic Channel.

Ángel took part of all the development process, from the early stage, managing and overseeing requirements, to the end of the process launching the projects in their respective markets. After Acilia, Ángel collaborated with the Spanish government to adapt the entire civil registry system in the country for the digital age. Ángel is graduated from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid with a bachelor in Computer Science.

Juan Liniers

Juan Liniers

Web Development Manager

Juan Liniers is the Web Development Manager at Instantgo. Juan started his career as a designer and web developer in several advertising agencies before moving to Fon where he acted as a programmer analyst. At Fon, Juan was part of the team which initially launched its website as well as created the back in 2006, using the very first Google Maps API.

After his experience at Fon, Juan started working for the New Technologies department in Loterías y Apuestas del Estado in Spain, as a programmer analyst and an expert in virtual communities and web tech. Juan then transitioned to a new role as the Web Development Manager for CogniFit in Madrid. There, as part of his daily tasks, he spearheaded the creation of a static cache and a CMS to aid translators in localizing the entire site to more than 14 different languages. Juan Liniers is graduated from the Primer Instituto Tecnológico in Madrid with a degree in Web Design and Digital art.

Borja Rodríguez

Borja Rodríguez

iOS Developer

Borja Rodríguez is part of the iOS Developer team at Instantgo.

Borja started his professional career in 2007 having had previous experiences in companies such as Telefonica, several international banks such as Bankinter and BBVA and some exposure to the medical industry with Linea Directa and Sanitas. He also worked in consulting companies such as Neoris and Accenture.

Borja then left this path to start his own company, Cloobing Networks. Borja has accumulated strong experience developing CRM, ERP and mobile apps for both B2C & B2B markets in the past 8 years.

Borja has a double Degree in Computer Science from Universidad Complutense de Madrid in Spain.

Miguel �ngel Alarcón

Miguel Ángel Alarcón

iOS developer

Miguel Ángel Alarcón is an iOS developer at Instantgo.

Miguel Ángel started his professional career at Indra Systems for defense projects in 2006. After this experience, he focused mostly on mobile app development for the rest of his career.

He accumulated more than 7 years of experience working in projects with Bank Santander Brasil, Game España, PepeJeans London, Opticalia, Lovexair, Gasofapp, Busing Madrid, Matriculas de España, etc… He also co-funded Creatureapps.

Miguel Ángel is graduated from Universidad Complutense de Madrid with a bachelor in Computer Science.

Blanca Fuertes

Blanca Fuertes Pérez

Lead QA

Blanca Fuertes is the lead QA of Instantgo.

Blanca Started her career in Marketing at Radflek, a company based in London.

She then moved to Madrid and started working for one of Telefónica's Wayra accelerator startups, Delsuper where she worked on online monetization, analytics and geomarketing.

Blanca then joined Sincrolab, where she was in charge of planning, designing and carrying out the implementation and execution of the marketing strategy to accelerate the international expansion of the company.

Blanca is graduated in Business at the University of País Vasco (UPV) and she studied Graphic Design at the Imval Audiovisuals Studios &amb; Academy.

Iris Ayuso

Iris Ayuso

Head of Design & UI

Iris Ayuso is the head designer and user interface architect of Instantgo.

Iris started her career as a product assistant at G.F. Studio, a photography studio based in New Jersey. She then continued to work as a life style photographer in Madrid & Barcelona. She then moved to London where she studied Visual Merchandising and started working as Web & UX designer at ClubRural in Spain. She then went to work for the e-commerce site of the television channel Canal + and then became a Web Designer at ToysRUs Iberia.

Iris Ayuso is graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca and has a Master of documentary Photography at the Internacional School of Photography of Madrid, EFTI. She also followed a specialization in web design at CICE, Madrid and a Postgrade of Uxability and User Experience at Pompeu Fabra University from Barcelona.


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