Use Cases

Some of the ways our beloved users use Instango

Send and charge for questions as a psychic - Instantgo


The nurse

Blanca is a nurse and often receives questions from family and friends. Because she is quite busy at work, she saves her most common answers to her personal assistant in Instantgo so it can answer for her when she is busy. She can then review the answers provided and add more info when necessary.

She uses Instantgo to give answers automatically while she is busy.
help psychologists money time - Instantgo


The neuroscientist

Tom is quite busy with his experiments and has a hard time keeping up with his entourage. He sets intelligent message recommendations on Instantgo to make sure to keep in touch with the most important people in his life.

He can now use Instantgo t make sure he never forgets to send a message and receives notifications when new ones should be sent.
Online tarot reading texts help - Instantgo


Small business owner

Stephanie has a flourishing little retail store where she sells a unique set of products but has no digital presence. She wants to leverage the Internet and reach out to more clients through an easy to use mobile platform.

She uses Instantgo to get connected with potential clients easily, showcase her products and keep in touch with existing customers.
headhunter and HR over the phone - Instantgo


Looking for content

Lydia like to spend her free time browsing for interesting content and sharing it with friends. She uses Instantgo to search for relevant and fun content and easily drag & drop the articles or videos she likes to her community.

She uses Instantgo as the way to easily share what she believes others will be most interested in.
Gardeners and other professionals - Instantgo


The life coach

Greg is known as one of the best life coach and helps thousands find a better path. He uses its community groups on Instantgo to reach out more effectively with his followers and engage in meaningful discussions.

Greg takes Instantgo and quickly connects with his followers to offer personal astrology and their astro horoscope at anytime.
food, recipes and restaurants advices - Instantgo


The master chef

Philip is a top chef and offers unique at home experiences. He can now present all his recipes and offers his service by creating a unique section on his profile for anyone to see.

Philip can now sell his service as a chef and easily chat with his client to prepare in advance the best experiences for them.
Job interviews, professional help - Instantgo


The influencer

Priscilla is a famous influencer and likes to interview people as part of her daily shows. When she has an idea for a new topic, she opens Instantgo to find who could be the most relevant users on that subject.

She uses the ranking and rating system on Instantgo to help determine rapidly who could be the best persons to reach to.
Tax, finance and consultants - Instantgo


The accountant

Jonathan often receives the same questions from different people. He uses Instantgo to keep most of his common answers and let the artificial intelligence assistant respond for him

He turns on his Instantgo app only to review the answers that where provided and train his assistant.
Actor, movie and entertainment business - Instantgo


The director

Carlos is often looking for new talents to help him develop and create his ideas. He uses Instantgo to easily connect with a diverse set of professionals at the time he needs it.

He launches Instantgo on his phone and searches for the specific skill set he needs to realize his work.
Fashion buyer apparel - Instantgo


The fashion addict

Salome loves and breathes fashion. She is always on the outlook for the next big trend. She opens her Instantgo app and browse all the new styles from her preferred creators as well as read articles on the latest fashion news.

Whenever she finds something she likes, she use the swipe functionality to instantly send images to her friends.
Entrepreneurs, startups, VCs - Instantgo


The entrepreneur

Max is busy running his business and has no time for anything. He uses the chat and drag & drop functionality on Instantgo to rapidly send texts and messages to his friends without wasting a second for it.

He turns his Instantgo app and use the smart frequent contacts capability to reach out in seconds to multiple people. In no time, he can go back to work.
Beauty and make-up counsels - Instantgo


The make-up artist

Ariane is a brilliant make-up artist and helps a great number of people with their looks. When working, she doesn't have the time to manage all her schedule requests.

She sets her availabilities on Instantgo and lets the smart schedule module organize her time and appointments for her.