Use Cases

Some of the ways our beloved users use Instango

Send and charge for questions as a psychic - Instantgo


Reaching a psychic

Mary just got engaged. She has help from her family and takes guidance from her friends. Still, in the middle of the night when she gets worried to commit for life, she wants to get additional answers to some pressing questions regarding what could be her future life.

She uses Instantgo to get the answers from the best psychics online.
help psychologists money time - Instantgo


The medium

Tom sees many clients throughout his day. Often, he has time in between patient appointments and would be happy to help more people.

He can now connect to Instantgo and turn on his availability as a psychic medium during these times so he can continue working and making extra money.
Online tarot reading texts help - Instantgo


Online tarot reading

Michelle has a flourishing little retail store where she sells tarot card decks but has no digital presence. She wants to leverage the Internet and reach out to more clients through one of the best psychic sites.

She uses Instantgo to get connected with other tarot readers and clients who are looking for a live tarot card reading.
headhunter and HR over the phone - Instantgo


The palm reader

Lydia offers palm reading services and palmistry to a large number of companies. Everyday, she receives phone calls from employees who ask her a large number of diverse questions. Most of these calls are very time consuming and Lydia wants to filter them more efficiently.

She uses Instantgo as the way for people to reach her, ensuring her time gets compensated and that people call for their palm readings when they need it.
Gardeners and other professionals - Instantgo


The love astrologer

Greg is known as one of the best astrologers and creator of horoscope compatibility charts. He is a famous astrologer and provides birthday astrology, weekly love horoscopes and even vedic horoscopes.

Greg takes Instantgo and quickly connects with his followers to offer personal astrology and their astro horoscope at anytime.
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The chinese astrologer

Philip is one of the top chinese astrologers and loves his job. Like most astrologers, he works late at night and has more free time during his afternoon.

Philip logs his availability on Instantgo and gets calls helping people with their chinese horoscopes and zodiac astrology.
Job interviews, professional help - Instantgo


The star horoscope podcaster

Priscilla is famous for her astrology reading online services. She has a podcast where she discusses the horoscope signs daily.

She launches Instantgo and provide free daily horoscope to some of her followers. She also decide to discuss about moon astrology and future horoscopes and charge for her expertise.
Tax, finance and consultants - Instantgo


The numerologist

Jonathan is a smart and astute numerologist. He has several clients and works extremely hard during specific seasons. During the rest of the year, he would like to get more clients and answer some of their most pressing questions.

He turns on his Instantgo app when available and helps a number of clients answer some of their numerology questions.
Actor, movie and entertainment business - Instantgo


The psychic medium

Carlos offers for many years one of the best psychic medium online services. He wants to start reaching more people globally as he is only well known in his community of psychics and fortune tellers.

He launches Instantgo on his phone and searches for spiritual advisors to see how they manage to offer their authentic psychic medium services abroad.
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The tarot reader

Heather works at a prestigious website where she is one of the best tarot card reader. Everyday, she receives a large number of calls of prospective clients asking for a free psychic reading. She loses a lot of time during her day with incessant demands.

Now Heather asks her potential clients to call her on Instantgo so she makes sure the time she spent offering love tarot & love spells is accounted for.
Entrepreneurs, startups, VCs - Instantgo


The spiritual advisor

Max is a spiritual advisor and helps his clients find new ideas. He is also recognized as one of the popular psychics and psychic love spells provider.

He turns to Instantgo to offer his spiritual advisor services online and can now offer live phone psychic reading directly to his clients.
Beauty and make-up counsels - Instantgo


The clairvoyant

Ariane is a well-known clairvoyant and helps a great number of women with their future, their zodiac astrology and astrology love compatibility. In between, she has a lot of spare time.

She connects to Instantgo to provide a large number of authentic psychic readings to women who are looking for help before going out on their next date.