The value of time

Because our time should always be valuable

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Get rewarded for your time - Instantgo

Find a new way to get rewarded for your time

With Instantgo, you will definitively make the best of your time. Instead of spending countless hours communicating with people for free, you can now easily decide to make your time count and get paid for the hours you spend speaking with people over the phone.

Finance, time and money - Instantgo

A financial element which changes behaviors

By simply adding a financial component to time and communications, we ensure that the people who try to reach you are seriously interested in speaking with you. Not only will you increase your revenues, you will also filter discussions which too often lead to nothing.

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Knowledge and money technology - Instantgo
Focus on what matters

By having people contact you through Instantgo, you can make sure that the discussions are to the point and worth something. You are not losing your time anymore and you can free some time for the rest of your activities. Instantgo changes the paradigm of time between people, making communications more efficient and effective.