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Video calls with a different twist. Get in touch face-to-face as part of your communication needs.

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Instantgo allow you to video talk with people you love

See the people you love

With Instantgo video calls, you can now talk and even see the people, experts, and other influencers you love.
Video calls give you a chance to receive help in a more cohesive way or to simply contact your loved ones when you feel like it. It allows you to search and interact live with other users, offering another dimension to your daily interactions and get the best best solutions possible when you have specific needs.

Spend more time helping others while increasing revenue.

Spend more time helping others while increasing your revenue

When it comes down to business, you can decide to provide your professional time, knowledge, expertise, services or demonstrate your products live over video calls and even request payments.
You simply select the rate you want to charge for your conversations and can limit who can reach you over video calls before hand. When someone wants to video chat, they need to have been previously accepted in order to start a video conversation with you.

Give help
Increasing revenue and your precius time
Increase your reach and your precious time

Using the smart schedule on Instantgo, you can decide when and how you make yourself available to answer to the queries or demands of others at the perfect time for you. You can help users on the go while ensuring you don't get contacted when the time is not the right one.

This ensures that your time is being used effectively so you can set time aside for what matters most. Leverage the latest technologies and innovations to make video calls part of a comprehensive set of tools you have at your disposal to make your communications more efficient.

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