Changing the nature of online calls

Make better conversations that are integrated with your chats and schedule.

Instantgo - iTunes iOS mobile app

Manage your time

With Instantgo, you can decide who can reach you over the phone and who shouldn't with a single click. You can also set your availabilities so people cannot contact you when it's too early, too late or when you are simply busy. Leverage the smart integration between voice and time on Instantgo to simplify your conversations.

You can also schedule a call with someone and get notified when it's time to call them. You will no longer have to remember when you should call someone. Let the app do the job for you.

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A better profile for a better presentation

Make sure to get found on the network by creating a beautiful and curated profile page.

With Instantgo, you can add a lot of different information about your biography, expertise, education and other useful details you want to share with others. You can even add how much you would charge for your time and services so people have that information from the get go.

When someone looks for an expert or professional in your category, you will have a better chance to stand out and receive their phone calls to answer their needs at the right time for you!

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Be more productive

We receive every day many phone calls from people asking the same information again and again. With Instantgo, you can leverage your personal assistant to already answer some of the most common questions you receive. You can distribute the time you assign to phone conversations only for those important voice calls or when someone need to ask and tell you something important enough.

Reduce the number of interruptions you have during your day. This gives you a chance to focus on your preferred activities, take the time to develop your personal life, friendships and business and improve your work life balance.

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