Changing the nature of online psychics

Charge for your time and psychic readings over voice calls.

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Helping others

With Instantgo, you can decide to provide your time as an astrologer, knowledge and expertise as a tarot card reader over the phone and get paid for it. You simply need to define the rate you are willing to take for your phone conversation and online taror card readings.

You can now decide to spend more time helping others while increasing your revenues as a clairvoyant. You can also decide to offer free daily horoscopes, weekly horoscopes or monthly horoscopes or charge for personal astrology services.

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A better profile for a better presentation

Make sure to get found on the network by creating a beautiful and curated profile page.

With Instantgo, you can add a lot of different information about your expertise, education and other useful details you want to share with others and even your astrological and zodiac sign.

When someone looks for an expert or professional in your category such as a fortune teller online, you will have a better chance to stand out and receive their phone calls to answer their needs.

Text Messaging
Be more productive

We receive every day many phone calls from people asking for their daily tarot, their horosocope compatibility, their star signs, their love horoscopes, etc.. When someone needs to pay to speak with you for their tarot card predicitons, you can be sure that what they need to ask and tell you is important enough for them to invest their money.

Reduce the number of interruptions you have during your day. It gives you a chance to focus more on your spiritual medium activities, develop your psychic powers, your chinese zodiac predictions and reduce the number of phone and voice calls you receive that are not important.

The Value Of Time