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    Life Coach

    Eileen West

    Seattle, AL - USA

    5 /5 28 reviews Response time: 1 days


    Certified Life Coach


    Hello! I am a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach, who specializes in helping women (re)connect to their creativity as a means to help navigate this journey we're on called Life! Using tools such as thought dissolving, mind/body awareness, dream analysis, vision-boarding, photography (& more!) I will help you identify where you're stuck, and then guide you (sometimes gently - sometimes with a kick in the rear-end!) toward living your best life.

    In addition to having won the career lottery (Life Coach!), I am a Mama to two hilarious, baseball loving teenage boys, a dog-walker, & passionate photographer. Other super-powers include: Parallel Parking, Jigsaw Puzzles & Using Emojis.

    There's no telling what kind of adventures we'll have in our work together - but I can guarantee you this: We'll have fun along the way.

    Schedule your complimentary discovery session here:




    Certified Martha Beck Life Coach
    Bachelor’s Degree in Japanese, University of Oregon 1993


    Eileen West Life Coach

    Eileen Ask Eileen anything

    Eileen's virtual assistant can automatically reply to questions that were previously answered by Eileen. When a question was not answered, Eileen will reply and train the assistant for next time. Download Instantgo to get yours for free.